Brand USA, Part 5: Final Cover Design

Brand USA cover. Illustration by Jesse Lenz

Some cover designs are tougher than others, and a lot of it depends on what happens during the Inbetween; if the artist goes off on a tangent, it may cause new problems with our headline, mailing label, etc., that may require getting everyone to sign off on the new direction. This can suck up some time and cause some minor headaches, but often you can get a new direction that pushes everyone involved to up their game a bit. Or sometimes you have to go back to the artist and ask for new sketches.

Jesse stuck to the script, and since I knew the basic shape of our final art, I could work on headline treatments. Instead of trying to avoid the red/white/blue color scheme, I embraced it. We don’t use Uncle Sam on the cover very often so I figured why not double down on the Americana? If we could have had sparklers and ice cream sandwiches polybagged with each issue I would have been pumped.

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