2015: A Summer of Maps

US Military 1945

The headline gives it away: I made a boatload of maps this summer. Some were for projects long in the making, others were more spur of the moment (driven by the news, of all things!), and all were pretty fun. Every time I write about maps (which is kinda often, considering how irregularly I write in general), I feel like Continue reading 2015: A Summer of Maps

Custom Media and the DEA

I’m finally getting around to updating my portfolio again, and I can’t believe I hadn’t put my latest branding/identity project up here yet: The DEA’s Get Smart About Drugs informational website. The DEA hired Washingtonian Magazine’s custom media division to build this site, and I was hired by the Washingtonian to come up with the look and feel, as well Continue reading Custom Media and the DEA

Politico 50: Informational Graphics

Politico Survey Graphic

Back in August, before the craziness of getting married (and the lovely silence of a honeymoon) all went down, I did a second stint at Politico, working on the ‘Politico 50‘ feature package for their October/September issue. The issue was Politico’s look at the 50 Most Influential People in Washington, and it was really cool to see their choices, given that Continue reading Politico 50: Informational Graphics

New(ish) Work: The Atlantic


I recently (ok, somewhat recently) had the chance to work with Darhil Crooks and the staff at The Atlantic on their World War One special issue. I was excited about the opportunity to see how they put together a magazine, and especially one with so much content to sift through. One of the coolest things was seeing the content. For starters, Continue reading New(ish) Work: The Atlantic

Design Reflecting Environment

City scene, Philadelphia

I spent a weekend in Philadelphia recently, and was amazed by the way the visuals of the city really represented the people and overall feel I took away from the weekend. I’m not talking about cheesesteaks and people throwing batteries at Santa, but more a feel how the overall culture and design of the city are intertwined, and it made Continue reading Design Reflecting Environment

Back on Deadline: Live-blogging (and graphic-ing)

GPE Blackboard graphic

I recently had the opportunity to work with the Global Partnership for Education during an extremely important time for them. Their Replenishment Campaign is how they get the funding to continue pushing for education needs worldwide, and this campaign culminates in a 2-day conference in Brussels. The conference featured an impressive docket of speakers from all over the world, testifying to Continue reading Back on Deadline: Live-blogging (and graphic-ing)

What I’ve Learned: Embracing the Spreadsheet

So I’ve kicked off my freelance career over the last few months, and I’m learning something new with each job. One thing that I knew going in was that I was going to have to do some math. This fact has been reinforce recently, and I’m not a huge fan of math. When I started really considering going out on Continue reading What I’ve Learned: Embracing the Spreadsheet

New Work: 250 Million Reasons

Facebook ad for #250MillionReasons

I recently started working with the Global Partnership for Education, an amazing group of people working to fund and develop education initiatives worldwide. It’s a different style of work than what I’ve been doing the last few years in editorial design, and it was really fun to create something more mission-driven than content-driven (or advertiser-driven….). The piece is part of Continue reading New Work: 250 Million Reasons

Photo Assignment, FBI Headquarters

Magazine Design / Feature

After 15 years of living and working in DC, I’d somehow almost completely avoided FBI headquarters. It’s a gigantic, Cold War-styled chunk of tan rocky ugliness in the middle of downtown, and I’d basically just ignored it. That ended with our feature photo shoot for the January/February issue of Government Executive. Our story concept was ‘Modern Federal Managers’, people who were Continue reading Photo Assignment, FBI Headquarters